How Does Your Garden Grow?

In the Information Age, nimble, relevant, and capable public relations and investor relations strategies are more important than ever before. Thanks to the nearly infinite data trove that is the Internet and the near permanence of anything ever published, savvy individuals can access an immense amount of corporate information with relatively little effort.

Kore’s public and investor relations strategies emphasize strict message discipline, transparency whenever possible, and a belief that the best PR and IR springs from a compelling and authentic corporate narrative. We strive to be our clients’ best advocates, developing an organizational story that breeds investor confidence and enhances customer loyalty.

We aggressively pursue earned media opportunities to build brand awareness and value, both through traditional media outlets, and through social media like Facebook and Twitter, that early adopters have used to build real and sustained improvements in customer engagement and market share. After developing your tools, we stay engaged to teach your leadership to use them, providing ongoing media training and strategic advice, to assure your brand prestige and investor relationships continue to flourish.

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