Kore Wellness

One of our Kore beliefs is that true wellness is a healthy state of mind, made manifest in a fit physicality. Our long-term goal is to help individuals build that sense of physical, and therefore emotional, well-being within themselves. This is a theme carried throughout Kore, from the fresh foods we use in our restaurants, to the sustainable practices we use in our buildings, down to the feeling of peace we extend to our clients.

A future Kore concept features yoga and whole foods nutrition as part of a complete wellness regimen with emphasis on strength training, weight loss, senior health, corporate retreats, and more. Life coaching will pair the physical wellness routine with personal and spiritual guidance to allow our clients to maximize their potential and learn to live their lives with serene calm and inner peace.

Do you have ideas related to promoting wellness and a sustainable lifestyle? If you do, contact us so we can talk about how to make your dreams reality.

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