Sustainable Quality

In order to promote sustainability, and help the local and regional agricultural economy, the focus is to obtain many of the high quality organic produce and other items through suppliers within close proximity to our location. We also look to develop seasonal aspects of our menu to feature what is in season, especially regional products.

One of the driving concepts is to create a culinary experience that is both tasty and nutritious to sustain one’s health. The establishment should be one that a person could conceivably eat at daily yet maintain a normal weight and have high nutrition quality, and not promote other health issues such as saturated fats and huge portions.

Our menus feature an abundance of vegetarian preparations and choices for guests, and the same for the meat-eaters among us. So both types of guests are welcome as we have a multitude of choices for each.

Coffee and spirits (where possible) are chosen in a sustainable mind-set, free trade coffees and teas, with a focus on local roasters of exotic and traditional favorites. Many local and regional micro-brews are available, regional wine and small vineyards can be featured, all to promote a local awareness of the quality choices available.

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