The automotive industry is a constant mad dash for the newest and most advanced materials and processes to reduce weight, increase efficiency, improve power, provide an ever more-refined driving experience. Approaching the industry as an entrepreneur or developing company can be intimidating, like you’re a mouse trying to get the attention of elephants.

If you have a meaningful innovation for the automotive industry, Kore Consultants can help you break through the clutter, effectively market your product or service, and get your idea in front of the people who can make things happen. Our expert consultants have ongoing relationships with nearly all major automotive manufacturers, putting your organization in a position to succeed.

Our team will also evaluate your manufacturing processes and supply chain, to assure that your company can meet the rigorous certification demands that are standard across the industry. And if you need the help, we can connect you with top-quality manufacturers who can deliver your product to your customers on time, on budget, and with the highest quality.

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